tick tock tick tock
music and direction

A place without music is a dead place. for now we see sunlight each morning and wonder if you were in their dreams too. we find our niche in the reality they’ve created. in cold concrete. noise echoes well off of stone. ha. noise is waves. color is the spectrum of light frequency. in waves. note value, the spectrum of wavelength. the ears feed the brain perception of noise surrounding, in music your mediator controls. your heart is what you meant to say and then you thought about it and within the same moment your stick hits the membrane or your strings sing the harmony. the infinite nature of energies excited while creating music and art in general allows a arcing connection between the thought and the action, and inherently the energy must find circuit and passes between the brainstem and the wingspan between which is the heart. the heart is the oxygen feed and the metronome. the grand facilitator.  OCKULAS !